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This is very important for the future of the area, please do not ignore it.
Neighbourhood Development Plan - Consultation
Carol Mould, Chairman St. Minver Lowlands Parish Council and the St Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

The objective of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is to provide a clear, legally binding statement of local requirements for the development of the Parishes. It is, therefore, important that it clearly defines the environment, facilities and amenities that exist today; what local people want to see in the future; and the plans and controls that are to be put in place to achieve it.
The eight Working Groups covering environment, infrastructure, housing needs, planning, business, leisure, communications and the vision of the future have completed the initial task of gathering the baseline data required to support the Plan and to underpin a detailed questionnaire later this year that every resident will be encouraged to answer.
The Groups have identified key issues with regard to local matters including housing needs; style, size mix and location of new housing; access roads and parking; businesses; development of tourism; maintenance and improvement of the natural environment; and education and leisure facilities. Local residents’ views on these issues will greatly assist in the next steps towards generating the Plan and ensure that it reflects the needs and expectations of the community.
A Residents Consultation Event to be held in the Perceval Institute from 10.00am to 4.00pm on Saturday the 18th May and Monday the 20th May provides an opportunity for all to learn more about Neighbourhood Development Plans and to express any views, opinions or concerns regarding the development issues that the St Minver Parishes must address.
Consultation is key to a successful Plan. Without demonstrable involvement of the residents in its preparation, and ultimately agreement through a referendum, the Plan will fail and St Minver will be left with little protection against rampant development. The sooner concerns are made known the easier it will be to address them and achieve a Plan that the community will be delighted to support at the referendum. Please do come along to the Consultation Event, meet the team and let them know your views.
If you are about to become eligible to vote or are in further education, and see your future as continuing to live and work in the St Minver Parishes, your views are particularly important. The Plan will shape how the local area develops over the next 20 years, the time when you will be trying to establish homes and careers in the local area.
Further information on the Neighbourhood Development Plan is available on the Parish Council Website at http://www.stminvercouncils.org.uk/ndp.html
NDP Residents Consultation Event