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Update, on 20th March from Brian Gisbourne (County Council)

'The Council has offered another licence for the beach area and it is not necessarily for a surf school. It is for any activity and will be decided on the business plan. An application has been received for the licence not from a surf school.'

Cornwall Council have informed 'Surfs Up' that their beach licence will go to tender in 3 weeks time.
Also, another surf school is being considered for a plot nearby.
In numerous Parish meetings over the years, it has been made clear that surf tuition and board hire is at an acceptable level and there has been a mutual understanding between all parties that there should not be an increase in this trade. The main reason is one of Health and Safety of the beach users.

In the usual style of Pete Craske, please find his response below. We welcome the Council to put their viewpoint.

Hi Dudes,

We received on Saturday notification that our beach licence will go to tender in three weeks time!! Not only this but the council will open tendering for a second surf school to located directly opposite us between the exit and entrance of the beach car park. This has come as a huge shock after operating on the beach for the past 18 years. Our response to the council is copied below and I've attached the tender document so that you can make your own judgement. Obviously this potentially has huge consequences regarding the viability of the club and we'd ask that you support us by writing to the council with your views (addresses are at the bottom). The Surf's Up! Boardriders Club has been like our baby for the past ten years and it's success is well known. We will do whatever we can to keep it running.

Would love to chat but I'm on a mission.


Pete and Jane

For the attention of:
David Attwell
Phil Jones
Jolyon Sharpe
Reference - the Commercial lease pack: Polzeath Beach
As current licence holders we’d like to request a meeting to discuss the new lease. There are areas that we’re very unhappy with - it’s taken many many years to find a balance on the beach between commercialism and safety. A huge amount of dialogue, time, effort and consultation between the council, the existing surf schools and the RNLI has taken place over many years and resulted in providing a safe and enjoyable experience. In your letter you state that the council has a duty of care for beach safety. How is it possible to risk assess Polzeath Beach and come to the conclusion that there’s room for another surf school when the current providers have been operating under restrictions because of over crowding. Please see below a few points that we’d like to raise.
1) The document puts the tender sum as the key criteria - has the council considered offering the trading area for services other than that already provided? If raising money is the main objective, has the council considered that along with the £20k that we currently pay, more revenue may be obtained in this way. The two surf schools currently operate to the maximum numbers permitted through the former Wave Licence Scheme during peak times. Is there a need to add to the congesting and negatively affect beach harmony and safety with a third surf school? I’m sure if asked, and we’re consulting with the local people, most if not all beach users would say that two is more than enough at Polzeath!! Isn’t this the wrong solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.
2) What opportunities exist for operators who wish to operate but not trade from the beach car park? What measures have been put in place to protect the lessee if someone other than the licence holder wants to run lessons at Polzeath?
3) The document states that the council as the land owner has a duty of care towards beach safety - a third surf school would negatively impact on the current beach operations put in place. Consultation and transparency has been on going over many many years between the council, the two operators and the RNLI. What restrictions ie operating numbers, tides, operating procedures etc should a potential lessee be aware of? A legitimate risk assessment would clearly show no room for a new surf school unless restrictions were put in place.
4) Site location of the second site - in total contradiction to council policy. Why choose the most hazardous location where grouping will occur by both the exit and entrance. Why not locate the surf school at the bottom of the car park where participants have direct access to the beach without having to go through the car park? With the amount of attention the council have given this area of walking participants through the car park, I don’t understand this at all.
5) Have the local people been consulted? Do they want a festival feel at the top of the beach? Do they want two surf schools side by side and the competitive impact this will have on holiday makers? Do they feel there’s a need for three surf schools? How has the need been established?
And finally in previous tenders the process has been very open and transparent - which I believe is a council mandate. We are very very shocked, as the current licence holder, the council knowing the size of our business, the relationship we’ve cultivated with the council over 18 years; and our commitment to the local community, that not only did our e-mail and phone calls to Phil Jones go unanswered but that our competitor has been given an unfair advantage in being kept in the loop about a possible tender process. You’ve given us fifteen working days to prepare a document that will shape the next seven years of our lives and massively impact Polzeath beach safety and harmony, without any opportunity to input our experience into the process. That would never have happened under James Ortiz who recognised that speaking to those on the ground was always of huge benefit. There has been communication between yourselves and Andy Cameron, who wants to put his surf school next to ours for commercial reasons, he was the one who first brought this to our attention and was more than happy to phone me to bring me up to date. We are very very unhappy about this situation as any licence holder would be.
We request a meeting as soon as possible to discuss the tender document.
Your sincerely
Pete and Jane Craske
Phil Jones – phil. jones@cornwall.gov.uk


Application Pack for Commercial Leases:
Polzeath Beach 2013 - 2020
1. Introduction

Polzeath is a wide and irregularly shaped west facing bay situated in the
mouth of the River Camel. The tide plays an important role within this bay
and as the tide ebbs a vast expanse of fine golden sand is exposed,
creating a significant area able to support a range of recreational
Polzeath can be accessed from minor roads off the B3314 from
Wadebridge, which is some 20 minutes away, or along the coastal road
from Bude. Though Polzeath has been inhabited and used since the 16

century the majority of the development has occurred recently to
accommodate tourism. The potential of Polzeath as a recreational and
holiday location has long been recognised and as a result development
has occurred in the surrounding area and on the beach. The settlement
has a wide range of facilities required by beach users and retains its
family friendly atmosphere. The beach is known as a site where water
based activities are prevalent and the beach has developed a strong surf
scene and is also associated with other adventurous water based
Polzeath is a site noteworthy for its geological, biological and historical
characteristics, all of which create the landscapes and seascapes that are
appreciated today. In recognition of its attributes the site has been
awarded a number of designations. Polzeath sits within an Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty, is part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest
(SSSI) and is a site of a Marine Conservation Area and a marine centre
that runs a range of marine activities and events. Further to this the site
has been awarded the Blue Flag, a prestige it has carried for over a
Cornwall Council manages a number of beaches in Cornwall. As a land
owner Cornwall Council would hold a duty of care to those who use the
beach that they own/lease. This is a responsibility that the Council has
taken seriously providing a number of services and facilities on many sites
to help ensure beaches under their management are clean, safe and


healthy environments suitable for public use. The popularity of Polzeath is
influenced, though not exclusively, by the quantity and quality of the
facilities found around the beach and by how safe the site is. Water safety
is of premier importance at a popular site like Polzeath and Cornwall
Council have contracted the RNLI to provide beach safety cover on the
site. As with other local sites the peak lifeguarding season occurs between
mid May to mid September (exact start and finish date vary annually) but
further to this Polzeath has a lifeguard service running every weekend
from the beginning of Easter to the end of the October half term break.
A number of beach surveys have been carried out on Polzeath to get an
understanding of public perception of the site. As would be expected the
beach is used for recreational activities, being a popular family beach
where people can enjoy the sun and surf. The influence of the surf culture
can be seen on Polzeath with a number of those questioned coming to
Polzeath specifically to surf. The site is also one that has a seasonal dog
ban from Easter to October, which was seen as a positive by many of the
beach’s users. Polzeath is perceived as a spacious site with good quality
sand, surf and facilities within close proximity to the beach.

The top four reason for people visiting the beach was; its good for
water activities (52%), it was close to where they are staying/live
(49%), the beach has good lifeguard cover (32%) and its easy to
access the beach (23%).

The top four activities carried out on the beach was; to surf (65%),
to bodyboard (61%), to swim/paddle in the sea (38%) and to relax
and sunbathe (26%).

The top 5 positives for visiting the beach are its good for water
activities (43%), family friendly (31%), good local facilities (22%),
the beach is clean (17%) and the beach is safe (15%).

2. The Opportunity

Cornwall Council is offering opportunity to tender for a lease for one or
two trading pitches within the Polzeath beach car park for the period of
seven years. The opportunity excludes the sale of goods and catering but
does includes the provision of services, such as surf tuition, surf hire etc.

2.1. Expressions of Interest


Two locations are available for commercial activity in 2013 operating in
the Council carpark on Polzeath Beach. These will be sole trading sites and
Cornwall Council will ensure that the integrity of these leases is upheld.
The two locations will be:

Pitch A. The eastern flank of the beach carpark alongside the
wooden sleeper wall (SW93634 78904)

This location is situated within the Cornwall Council beach carpark
positioned in the south east corner of the beach. The pitch sits on a sandy
substrate and runs alongside a timber wall that separates the carpark
area from the village green. The lessee can only operate from within this
location or from the adjacent green space subject to negotiation with the
Council. The car park egress must be kept clear at all times.


Pitch B. The southern flank of the beach carpark alongside the
wooden sleeper wall (SW93607 78893)

This location is situated within the Cornwall Council beach carpark
positioned in the south east corner of the beach. The pitch sits on a sandy
substrate and runs alongside a timber wall that separates the carpark
area from the roadside boundary of the carpark. The lessee can operate
from within this location or from the adjacent green space to the south of
the pitch subject to negotiation with the Council. The car park egress must
be kept clear at all times and views from the Attendants hut must not be

2.2. Lease Details


The Lease will be issued by the Council covering the normal range of
standard terms. Applicants should however take note of the following
points relevant to the Lease when submitting their proposal.

The leases will be for a seven year period with a review and mutual
break clause every two years of trading activity. This is in the
interests of both parties should either party be unable / unwilling to
continue for the full term. The rent will be reviewed on a bi-annual
basis and will be subject to RPI increases

The successful applicants will need to cover the Legal and
Surveyors costs for the Council in the region of £400.00

The leases will be tied to specific locations as identified in the
enclosed plans. Operating outside of these areas will not be
permitted and in submitting a tender the business plan should be
based on the commercial aspects of the pitches identified.

The Leases will not be transferable and only the named applicant
can trade from this location.

The lessee will be bound by any statute or regulation necessary for
them to deliver their business and will need to provide evidence to
the Council that they are fit to trade. This will include evidence of
Safeguarding policies where applicable and appropriate insurance to
cover the services provided

The lessee will be held responsible for any litter emanating from
their business and will be required to keep the area around their
pitches clear at all times.

If they wish to park vehicle outside the leased area they must
purchase a parking permit from the Council

Successful applicants will need to provide the Car Parks Manager
with a safe system of work and risk assessments for their
operations addressing any potential conflicts or issues with motor

An annual review will be held between the Responsible Council
Officer and the lessee at the end of each season enabling an
opportunity to raise issues and discuss concerns.

The lease will stipulate the type of activity and the services to be
provided. Written permission from the Council will be required if the
lessee wishes to change this during the lifetime of the agreement

The Council wishes to place a Beach Sandchair with each of the
successful pitches and the lessee is to service, manage and provide


these chairs free of charge to the public. This should be addressed
in any tender submission

2.3. Submitting a Business Proposal

Cornwall Council is keen to invite submissions that will inform and
enhance users experience of Polzeath Beach. This should seek to take
inspiration from the local area and applicants are encouraged to be
innovative and creative about how they present their ideas.
In evaluating submissions the tender sum will be the key criteria but we
will also take into consideration the following points in awarding the
leases. In submitting your proposal please include a supplementary
document which specifically addresses the following points against which
we will score your application:

Value – the annual fee you would be prepared to pay

Knowledge - What do you know about the beach and why this
opportunity is attractive to your business?

Motivation - What drives your business plan? i.e. are you sourcing
materials locally to strengthen the connection between the beach
and the surrounding landscape

Sustainability - How sustainable is the business? This should
cover carbon footprint, waste management and environmental

Health & Wellbeing - Will your business plan promote the healthy
lifestyle and environment associated with the beach

Employment - Are you employing locally? What investment is
made in staff development relevant to the business and the beach?

Added Value - What added value can your business deliver for the
Partnership over and above the rent paid?

Partnership - Can you identify how you will work with related
beach businesses and the local community?

Opportunities - What opportunities do you see to develop your
business alongside the beach in the next five years?
Applications will primarily be assessed against the tender sum but the
Council will also assess how businesses meet the other criteria set out


above. It’s important therefore to give sufficient explanation against all
the relevant headings so your submission can be evaluated.
A shortlist will be drawn up from the original submissions and invited to
attend an informal interview which will form the final stage in the selection

2.4. Timetable

Applicants are requested to submit a written proposal by

Friday 29th

. A shortlist will then be drawn up for a formal interview on Friday

th April
with a contract awarded to trade by Friday 12th April 2013.
Feedback on submissions will be provided upon request.
Completed Applications should be received by

3pm on Friday 29th


: The Environment Service, Windwhistle
House, Cooksland Road, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2RH (

Marked: Polzeath
beach trading license

2.4 Further Information

If you would like to discuss the Leases or the application process in
further detail then please contact the following Officers for information.

Jolyon Sharpe – Countryside Officer


David Attwell – Principle Countryside Officer


Phil Jones – Property & Licensing


Thank you for expressing an interest and we look forward to your




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