Old Post The Mystery of the Sunken Boat on Polzeath Beach

We were often intrigued as to why a dry patch of sand was more often than not evident in the centre of the beach at low tide and I was delighted to find, when I eventually decided to try my dowsing rods over the area, to find what appeared to be an iron boat some 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. Over the years I've found that the depth of sand covering the boat varies from 4feet to 6feet. What is rather scary is what appears to be a 12 foot square hold in the centre of the boat and one imagines the boat suddenly sinking down, but the sand has of course filled it up the hold.
Eventually I was fortunate to meet the late Harry Male, who I believed was a retired farmer living in Trebetherick, he was able to tell me that he knew of the boat, having been told by his grandparents that it sank some 100 odd year ago and was called the 'LION'. He showed me one of the ship's large heavy name-plate and said that his brother in Lostwithiel has another one.
Disappointingly, I've never seen mentioned in any book relating to the scores of boats which have foundered in the area over the years, one named Lion. A visit to Padstow Museum, unfortunately, did not throw any light on the boat named Lion.

If you know of any information or the whereabouts of artefacts relating to the Lion please contact Reg Ironside (862126) or email me david.sshort@btinternet.com and I will pass your message to Reg.

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