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nd JULY 2012 @ 7.30 pm

Planning Applications –
a. PA12/04547, Treswarrow Park Farm, Trelights, Port Isaac – erection of a single wind turbine with maximum blade tip height of 77m. Formation of new vehicular access track and associated infrastructure. It was RESOLVED to object on the grounds that the turbine is too close to residential properties and, also to the businesses which will be affected (with potential harm to animals and distress to campers of prime concerns); it will dominate the landscape and borders an AONB; there is a protected owl 625m from the turbine and members would like to see a bat survey undertaken; there are a number of bee hives close to the site and their importance should not be under-estimated; it would stand between the church towers of St Minver and St Endellion creating a visually unacceptable addition. There is a strong local objection. Members feel that taking noise measurements over one week in November is totally inadequate and there is concern that the recording process was flawed. Information on shadow flicker was lacking in depth and there are H&S concerns about light aircraft Members are extremely concerned that there is no mention in the application of the two businesses (Treswarrow Dog Kennels and Cattery and Gunvenna Holiday Park), which would be affected by this turbine. Copy to be sent to Ms Branney, of the Wind Turbine Committee, Environmental Health.
b. PA12/04603, 2 Pityme Farm Road, Pityme – construction of extension to existing dwelling to accommodate utility, living and storage rooms. NO OBJECTION.
c. PA12/04605, Seaside Pool Café, St Moritz Hotel – construction of extension to existing Seaside Pool Café and regularising of condition 3 (trading hours and periods) to both Seaside and Pool of application no. PA10/04565 dated 15th October 2010. NO OBJECTION, to the extension; but Members OBJECT to an increase of the trading hours (i.e. they should be not before 1000 hours or later than 1800 hours on any day).
d. PA12/05036, 47 Hr. Tristram, Polzeath – extension to rear and other associated alterations. Cllr. Gisbourne advised that as a member of CC’s Planning Committee he cannot comment at this stage, because this would prevent him from speaking and voting on the application. It was RESOLVED to object on the grounds of over development and that it is out of keeping with the surrounding properties and overlooking of neighbours homes and gardens. There was also concern that this is in effect the size of a second property and that the existing septic tank might be affected. Members would also like to call this in, if the Planning Officer is minded to grant permission. There is a huge strength of feeling in the community against this proposal. Cllr. Mould said it was annoying that local opinion is so often ignored by the planning officers. Cllr. Taper said it was ridiculous that decisions are made at Liskeard by people who have no knowledge of the area.
e. PA12/05097, Harbour Lights, Porthilly Lane, Rock – extension and internal re-ordering to existing single dwelling house and conversion of garage to ancillary accommodation. NO OBJECTION.
f. PA12/05414, Landersfield, Rock – extension and internal re-ordering together with re-roofing in natural slate of existing dwelling. NO OBJECTION