Old Post Doom Bar/Atlantic House Hotel

We at Polzeath Voice would like to have your comments on the Doom Bar/Atlantic House Hotel development.

Many people have said how sad it is that there is nowhere in that vicinity that they can enjoy a meal or a drink.

You may also have a viewpoint on the destruction of the Victorian Terrace.  But whatever your opinion, we would like to pool the information on this blog.  Although Facebook and Twitter etc are useful forums, we would like comments we can store here.

There are rumours etc about the latest news on the development, but nothing that is confirmed. 

If you find you are unable to add your comment below, then please email polzeathvoice@aol.com and we will add it on for you. 


Guy Stewart said…
I would love to see a brilliant development at the Atlantic House, offering a top class restaurant/pub/hotel and open all year round. There are difficulties to overcome, like parking and the disturbance of the building work to the neighbouring properties.
I think it is a shame that the owners decided to risk the free parking that the visitors and residents have enjoyed for decades, by trading on the parking area. It would be a hugely devalued development without the free parking for it's customers.
Tony Davies said…

The only page that remains active on the otherwise dormant or defunct developers' website theatlantichouse.co.uk is the history page (theatlantichouse.co.uk/2011/05/history), which continues to attract fond memories of the old Atlantic and less-than-fond comments on the plans for the new one. One of the latter got the following response:

All comments are appreciated – even when they are made with no understanding of the facts concerning the Atlantic. The building was riddled with asbestos and in a highly dangerous state – even if we wanted to we could not keep it as it was. You can choose to believe this or not – all are entitled to an opinion even if based only on rosy memories of the past. My family and I stayed there for about 30 years and certain basic aspects most certainly will not change. One thing is certain; ‘venture capitalists’ are not involved and if any money is made it will be a miracle surpassing all others!


My response to this is still 'awaiting moderation', so I post it again here in the hope that Christopher or one of his colleagues may take the opportunity to shine some light into the murk that engulfs the issue:

If comments on the proposed redevelopment of this much-loved old hotel are ‘made with no understanding of the facts’, that may be because no ‘facts’ — indeed no information of any kind — have been forthcoming from the developers, creating an climate of uncertainty and frustration in which rumour and speculation have flourished. As a resident of New Polzeath who once worked in the Atlantic House, first met my future wife there, and has known, used and cherished it for half a century, I urge Christopher to take this opportunity to end the confusion, suspicion and (increasingly) hostility that surround the issue by telling us clearly what his timetable for the development now is, and when we can hope to see some progress towards the restoration of a uniquely valuable local amenity.

Sarah said…
With the closure of Carter's, Polzeath now has very few places to enjoy a nibble and a drink, let alone one with a view. It is sad to see the Atlantic Hotel remain dormant for so long.

The Atlantic Doom Bar's main attraction was the terrace area for a drink and a snack - whether it was to enjoy soaking up the sun or watching the sun set in the evening. The terrace offered a large seating area with the best views in the village. Kids, dogs & beach goers all joined together to enjoy themselves. The terrace was always packed full - even the walls were used as seats. I would be very disappointed if the new developers were to reduce the seating area and turn it into a slick, city-style terrace similar to the ones popping up around Rock.

Update the inside, create your restaurant, re-do the bar, but please don't touch the terrace!