Old Post Marine Conservation Zones

Become a campaigner for the Marine Conservation Zones local to you and the network as a whole!
There is one thing guaranteed to help ensure that the recommended network of 127 Marine Conservation Zones in England becomes a reality - your support!
The network of recommended Marine Conservation Zones needs a network of friends who will help us to campaign for the creation of 127 Marine Conservation Zones in England.
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Now is the most important time for UK marine conservation. We have never before, and may never again have such an opportunity to safeguard the remnants of our, once rich, marine habitats and wildlife. Preventing any further destruction by creating Marine Conservation Zones is one of the most valuable and important legacies we can leave for the future.
But we can only do this with you help. Each zone needs at least one voice to speak on its behalf, they need a friend who will encourage others to take notice of them, they need to be designated, or otherwise they may be buried and lost forever.
You will know many of these places, it’s likely you will visit them either locally or on holiday, you may even be lucky enough to live near one! Please become a Marine Conservation Zone Friend today and leave a huge legacy for tomorrow.
Thanks so much everyone for your support.
Abigail Crosby
Marine Conservation Officer
Cornwall Wildlife Trust
Tel: (01872) 273939 ext 208
Address: Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Five Acres, Allet, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9DJ (Registered office)
2012 is our 50th Anniversary, celebrate it with us!