Old Post 'Tregeare' Planning Appeal

3rd June 2012 update: Polzeath Voice has emailed the planning agent connected to the owners of Tregeare. The email is shown here:

Dear Sir/Madam
with reference to your clients 'Mr & Mrs Andrew Dodd'
and the property 'Tregeare', Cliff Lane, New Polzeath.
 Apologies for sending this email so near to the conclusion of the appeals process, but we thought it would be polite to offer your clients the opportunity to comment on their plans for Tregeare.
 We have a blog 'Polzeath Voice' and like to keep home owners informed of any local planning proposal and other issues. We are fairly recently established and would like to be seen as providing a fair platform for all interested parties. It is our intention to provide the facts/details and let our members/friends decide if they would like to comment officially as individuals.
 Please forward this to your clients.
 Many thanks
 Guy (on behalf of Polzeath Voice)

Your ref:

My ref:
8 May 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

Town and Country Planning (Appeals) (Written Representations Procedure) (England) Regulations 2009

I am writing to let you know that an appeal has been made to the Department for Communities and Local Government in respect of the following planning application:

DCLG ref:
Cornwall Council ref:
Appeal start date:
4 May 2012
Demolition of dwellinghouse and construction of new dwellinghouse and associated development
Tregeare  Cliff Lane  New Polzeath  Wadebridge  Cornwall
Mr And Mrs Andrew Dodd
Cornwall Council decision:

The Council’s reasons for refusing permission for this development are as follows:

 1            The proposed design for the replacement dwelling, including the side extension, is of a highly modern and contemporary form that does not respect the scale and character of the locality and the predominant materials of the existing built form within New Polzeath.  The proposal would thereby be contrary to Policies 1 and 2 of the Cornwall Structure Plan (2004), Policy DVS1 of the North Cornwall District Local Plan (1999), the guidance contained within Planning Policy Statement 1 (Delivering Sustainable Development 2005), and the guidance contained within the adopted supplementary planning guidance - the North Cornwall Design Guide (1997 Sections A, C, D & E).

You may view the documents relating to this case at this office during normal working hours.

The appeal is to be decided on the basis of an exchange of written statements by the parties and a site visit by an Inspector.

Any comments already made following the original application for planning permission (unless they are expressly confidential) will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and copied to the appellant, and will be taken into account by the Inspector in deciding the appeal.  Should you wish to withdraw any earlier comments, make further representations (which must be in triplicate) or request a copy of the appeal decision letter, you should write direct to The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/19a Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN, within 6 weeks of the appeal start date (stated above) quoting their reference number.  If you require an acknowledgement letter or a copy of the final decision you must include this request in your communication.

The Planning Inspectorate has introduced an online appeals service which you can use to comment on this appeal.  You can find the service through the Appeals area of the Planning Portal – see www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs.  The Inspectorate may publish details of your comments on the internet (on the Appeals area of the Planning Portal).  Your comments may include your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number.  Please ensure that you only provide information, including personal information belonging to you, that you are happy will be made available to others in this way.  If you supply information belonging to a third party, please ensure that you have the permission to do so.  More detailed information about data protection and privacy matters is available on the Planning Portal.

You can get a copy of The Planning Inspectorate’s booklet, “Guide to taking part in planning appeals” free of charge from this office or through the Planning Portal website using the following link:

Guide to taking part in planning appeals proceeding by written representations – England http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/pins/taking-part_planning-written.pdf

Should you require any further information in connection with this appeal, please telephone me.

Yours faithfully

Claire Hawke

Development Technical Officer
Regeneration Service
Tel:  01208 265618

The following is taken from the 'Guide to taking part in planning appeals'

If you did not write at application stage, or you did write and now have

something new to say, you can send us your comments.

You can submit your comments on line through the Planning Portal using the

Planning Casework Service,

www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs or you can write or

email to us. The LPA should have told you our Case Officer’s contact details.

If you send us your comments in a letter, if possible, please send us three copies

of it. Please note that we do not acknowledge receipt.


must make sure that we receive your comments within six weeks of the

starting date for the appeal. The LPA should have told you the deadline.

We will send copies of your comments to the appellant, the LPA and the


The time limit for sending comments to us is important, and everyone taking

part in an appeal must follow it.

If you send us comments after the end of

the time limit, we will not normally accept them. Instead we will return

them to you. This means that the Inspector will not take them into