Old Post Public Consultation 'The Point at Polzeath'

May 2012 update

: comment from Guy Shaw-Stewart who visited the exhibition and consultation at the Percival Institute: there were graphics/banners displayed around the room laying out the proposed new development at The Point.  It was made clear that the viability of the business depended on growth and improvement to the facility to ensure it's future. The building of new lodges/houses was an integral part of the plan, although clearly the exhibition was not an official planning application, but a consultation exercise.  There was a display of three types of design for new lodges, a wooden cabin, traditional stone and slate and a modern twist on a holiday chalet with a mixture of old and new materials.  Visitors were encouraged to make comments on the designs.  I asked if the graphics would be made available to Polzeath Voice and local residents, 'no' was the answer, they are purely for this face to face consultation.  There was an idea to make an increased use of an access road from the Pityme side.  Visitors were asked to leave comments on what local projects they would like to see benefit from extra support from The Point, for example the proposed new community facility at Trewint playing fields.  The exhibitors were all very polite and presented the project in a professional way. No doubt they will be faced with a multitude of questions and hurdles before anything is built, but I did state that as there are a lot of local homeowners who live away from the area, it would be useful to have an on-line presentation of their ideas.




There has been announced the 2nd Public Exhibition & Consultation for the vision and future of the
facility. On Wednesday 25th April 2012 at the Tubestation Church, Polzeath, 2pm until 8pm.
Tea and coffee available.  Also, Thursday 26th April 2012 at the Percival Institute, St Minver, 2pm until 8pm.

All welcome, please come along and be involved with our future plans.

Below is an extract taken from the St Minver Lowlands Parish Council meeting of 05-03-2012:

Mr Robert Clive and Mr Ray Calder (owners of Roserrow Golf Club) spoke about their plans for the Club. The previous owner had gone into liquidation. The Golf Course on its own is not financially viable.
Mr Clive said that he has a connection with the area, having holidayed here for many years. His company (360 Golf Ltd.) had been trading for 20+ years. The situation he had encountered at the Club was quite dire, but he felt he has a team who can make the facility viable in the future. The bigger vision is to move away from Roserrow Golf and Country Club, re-branding it as ‘The Point at Polzeath’. In the process it would become more of a family facility. It will include golf, health and fitness, tennis, bowling, an improved restaurant and new shop. A track will be opened to the beach. The aim is to create a year round facility. Mr Clive said he would hope to encourage local people to use the facility. He said that a solar field had been installed.
In response to a question, Mr Clive clarified that it was envisaged that during the summer they would run a buggy shuttle service to take people to the beach.
Mr Calder said there was to be a public consultation either on Thursday 19
th or 26th April 2012, which would look at potential sites for more housing on the complex. He indicated that if the business benefits, then the community would benefit and referred to the Trewint Community building as a possible beneficiary.