Old Post Proposed wind turbine 1km from Port Quin PA11/08573

Planning application 'refused'

Application Type:
Full application
Actual Decision Level:Planning Committee Decision
Expected Decision Level:
Case Officer:Mark Evans
Parish:St. Endellion
Ward:St Endellion
District Reference:
Applicant Name:Mr Mark Williams
Applicant Address:Trewint Port Quin Port Isaac Bodmin Cornwall PL29 3ST
Environmental Assessment Requested:No

PA11/08573 | Installation of a CF15 15 kw wind turbine mounted on 20 metre mast with 5 metre blades | Scarrabine Farm St Endellion Port Isaac Cornwall PL29 3ST


We bring to your attention the application for the installation of a wind turbine not far from the Polzeath Area.  We recommend that you use the link above to access the official documents on the Council website. Note that the site meeting is on April 2nd and the final planning meeting is on April 11th.  Below is a comment from an objector and also an email from the applicant to the planning department.

Please pass on your comments directly to the Planning Department or email Polzeath Voice.


We  request  the council  accept the analysis and conclusions of the AONB, NT and CPRE and reject  this application. Current planning guide lines  and the draft “Planning Future Cornwall” document  ALL determine to  protect this sensitive area.

The Council MUST be aware that the construction of an over 25 meter to tip turbine on a 84 meter hilltop,1 Km from Port Quin is going to be  visible and detrimental to the landscape and seascape . It IS a beautiful and renowned area as it has been designated for its landscape value for over 50 years. The Council adopted the AONB management plan in 2011, which states “Proposals which have an adverse effect on natural beauty should not be supported”.. and further, ...“unless it is required in the proven national interest with no other site available”.

The site falls within the “Kellan Head to Millock Haven Coast “  Landscape Character Area 35. This is 99% AONB and assessed in the draft 'Landscape strategy for wind energy development' as Highly sensitive--.The  strategy proposed here is for a landscape WITHOUT wind energy development ,( except , all but the very smallest turbines ...Which this isnt,   attached to existing farm buildings...which this isnt !).   A strategy for turbines in Cornwall is being developed now, within the' Core Strategy' document to full fill the  demand for renewable energy, whilst avoiding  widespread adhoc development impacting all areas of our famous landscape .  So will the council use the Landscape Character Sensitivity Assessments for their intended purpose, which is to ensure that areas classified as highly sensitive  in Cornwall retain their  scenic, unspoilt status.

If there is Any doubt as  to the visual impact of this turbine ,according to PPS22, the Zone of Visual influence should be assessed, a site meeting must be essential. The height to the tip of the blade above sea level will be 110 meters. Pentire Head is 75 m, Kellan point 83 m and the nearest location higher than this is St. Endellion reservoir at 125 m. It  will intrude and dominate many local vantage points in lanes and gateways and from the coastal footpaths and headlands and also the dramatic coastal views from St Endellion to Pentire.

The Scarrabine turbine  would benefit one household in the parish making their holiday cottages more profitable. However, it will be a blight on the views of many permanent residents of Trelights. Considering other Holiday lets, hotels and B&B concerns in the village, they also employ people and wish to thrive .They be will disadvantaged due to effectively, financial subsidies to one business. WE will ALL be disadvantaged due to depletion of the amenity of the area, by detracting from the natural beauty and unspoilt nature of this landscape .. And  ,finally, by  destroying the principle sustainable marketing point of this special protected area.
We call on the Council to conserve ,enhance and protect this landscape for everyone now and future generations


This is just a quick email to clarify our proposal and aims of the project.

A wind turbine was chosen over P.V because we need a source of energy that will work day and night as the bulk of our energy consumption is used through the hours of dark in our holiday accommodation. We also looked into the possibility of Hydro by considering upgrading our existing water wheel, but after tests realised we had neither the flow rate or head height for a viable Hydro turbine project. After extensive wind data collection from numerous location around our farm we made a informed and balanced decision taking into account visual impact, environmental considerations, average wind speeds and selected a site which provided a compromised solution. We then selected a wind turbine that's scale
falls within that advised to us by Cornwall Council. Our application for a 15kW wind turbine is a well thought out proposal which provides a model example of combining an equal balance between the environment and three of Cornwall's major industries - Agriculture, tourism and renewable energy. Whilst at the same time not adversely affecting the neighbouring countryside. Such is the size and scale of the wind turbine it would not be any more of an alien structure than the numerous electric poles in the field of view. There is high ground in the medium distance on all sides which will limit visual impact from both
further afield and in reducing the chance of it protruding the skyline. It's position from unrelated neighbouring properties is 650m which is around five times that of the required minimum. If planning permission were to be granted the wind turbine would power and heat the four holiday properties that make up Port Quin farm holidays and the family farmhouse. We would then be able to market our green holiday accommodation alongside our sister company Cornish coast adventures, which provides sea kayaking and coasteering from Port Quin. This would enable us to provide environmentally friendly adventure holiday packages, which would boost our visitor number considerably especially throughout
the off season(Oct-Mar) This will clearly be an asset to the area by securing current employees jobs, creating new jobs and boosting the number of visitors to the surrounding tourist reliant shops and businesses.

There are wind turbines within the twelve Cornish AONB's that are closer to the coast, more visible, larger in size, greater in number, closer to other turbines, and will benefit far fewer people than this proposal. We have received a large number of supporting letters from local residents with valid arguments for. Where as in opposition i would like to point out the fact that a large proportion of the objections and signatures are from people either not local to the area, second home owners, friends of the before mentioned parties or people who object to any similar project in the area. Furthermore this application has the full support of the Parish council. They actively encourage individuals, home, land and business owners to take responsibility for not only our own energy awareness but also potential renewable energy generation. I feel if a application as well balanced as this were to be refused it would send out a negative message to other young environmentally conscious business operators looking to play there part in this green revolution in similar areas. It's important to take each case on it's own merits that is why when looking at this application the positives in this instance clearly outweigh that of any perceived negatives.

I look forward to the decision.