Old Post Trewint Community/Recreational Centre

10 May 2012 Update: As per the Lowlands Parish Council Minutes of 02-04-2012

Older Children’s Play Area / Community Building – Minute 33b/2012 refers. The proposal from a neighbour to lease some of his land and/or to approach the Duchy to obtain some of their land, in order to extend the area dedicated to football was referred to the Working Party to consider initially. It was felt that the Council did not have sufficient information about the project and there was some discussion about the need to speak to other village hall committees to gain an idea of running costs and issues involved in running such a venue. The Clerk to update Cllr. Mould.

and as per Highlands Parish Council meeting of 10-04-2012:

Cllr Gisbourne was invited to speak.

iii)Community Building – Currently preparing a 5 year business plan.

The working group would like to get things moving and is looking to do smaller

items/equipment first and apply for grants. They will probably start by moving

the football pitch orientation and then continue with the skate park etc. This will

be followed by the new community building which is the larger cost (£1m).

Lowlands currently spend £6k per annum on running costs that would be diverted

to the new building. Could Highlands match fund this?

All are in favour of the project but concerns were voiced about 10 – 20 years time

when major repairs are needed. Are we locking in future councillors?

Presumably, Lowlands would retain ownership of the building.

By virtue of payments already made a commitment has been demonstrated to the

principal of a new building but Members cannot commit too far without sound

figures to make an informed decision. All are still supporting the Trewint


Highlands and Lowlands Councils are having an exhibition of the plans for the new community/recreational centre at the Scout Hut, on Trewint Playing Fields, Trewint Lane, Rock from 10am until 1pm on Saturday 28th January. Everyone of any age is welcome to come and see for themselves the initial plans, and give us feed back on what they think of the ideas. Our architect Roger Green, and members of the council will be there to answer any questions. Hope to see as many as possible there, please come and take part in our joint community venture!
Many Thanks

Gail Webb (Vice Chair St. Minver Lowlands Parish Council)