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Demolition of existing garage and construction of a detached dwelling - Land Adjacent To Sandspur Gulland Road New Polzeath Wadebridge Cornwall PL27 6UG

Ref. No: PA12/00060 | Status: Withdrawn | Case Type: Application

Planning Alert from one of our members:

Dear all,

Cornwall Council has received an application to develop the land adjacent to Sandspur and behind Atlantic View. The plans are available on the Council's Planning Portal, application number: PA12/00060.

We have 21 days to comment on this application from today. All comments need to be confined to PLANNING issues. This does NOT include loss of view.

Points to consider are: scale and bulk of the building, building line, ridge height, privacy and overlooking. You might have others to add to this list, which is by no means exhaustive. Emotion is, in general, unhelpful.

Looking down from Gulland Road it is clear that the existing rooflines are all roughly the same height to the right (NW) of the trees behind Tristram and there is a step up in ridge height to the left of these trees. There is therefore no precedent for a higher ridge line on the side where this new house is proposed. There is, however, precedent for development and so any arguments that the site should not be developed are likely to be spurious.

The building line on the Gulland Road side of the plot is proposed to be considerably closer to the road than that of Sandspur.

The building is, in effect, a four storey house, the access to the roof terrace giving the effect of the added storey. The roof terrace will overlook a number of properties, including the garden of Sandspur, which although currently in the same ownership as the building plot, may not always be. It will also overlook the bedrooms and bathrooms at the rear of Atlantic View, Atlantic View Coach house and Broome House.

The proposed building with its flat roof and large dimension within the plot is out of scale with surrounding properties and gives a very bulky feel, particularly at ridge level and from Atlantic Mews. Sandspur adjacent, with its pitched roof sits well in the landscape and has an altogether lighter feel.