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 May 2012 update:  Extract of minutes of St Minver Lowlands Parish Council meeting of 02-04-2012:

Other Planning Matters –

b. PA10/04739, Pinewood Development – Minute Pl13a/2012/2012 refers. CC’s Planning Officer, Mr Simon King, reports that it is his understanding that the developers are preparing a planning application for a masonry wall including the replacement of the metal barrier.

Extract from St Minver Lowlands Planning meeting of 20-02-2012                                                                                           
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Other Planning Matters
a. PA10/04739, Pinewood Development – Minute 146a/2011 refers. Mr Simon King, CC Planning Officer, reports he is negotiating with the developers to provide/install a more rustic/appropriate crash barrier. There is a lot of ill feeling locally about the crash barrier that has been installed. There was some discussion as to whether or not the road has been narrowed. The Clerk has requested Mr King meets Members on site to discuss this further.

C Sellars                                                                               
PlannningEnforcement Officer                                                                                                                                  

29th January 2012


Dear Mr Sellars,
We are writing in respect of the above development which is nearing its second stage as far as the ‘road works’ are concerned. The first stage has resulted in very unsightly ‘motorway’ crash barriers being erected, as apparently demanded by Highway Authorities, yet we understand were not part of the approved plans.

 Please see attached photographs showing this area and you will note the alarming proximity of the new build to the road’s edge, so near we wonder whether this build actually does conform to the original approved plans. Hopefully someone can review this. We understand St Minver Lowlands Council have requested that the crash barriers should not be extended down the side of this extensive development.

 We consider however that the new barriers, not in accordance with planning approval, already in place, are an horrendous eyesore in this village and we must request that an appropriate solution, sympathetic to the village ambiance, be sought.

 Whilst writing we must also express our deep concern at the extent of the many new builds and architectural indulgences to allow ‘trophy houses’ being permitted in both Polzeath and New Polzeath that extensively extend the property footprints and which are having a most damaging impact on this traditional Cornish village that is in real danger of losing its charm and attractiveness. We have absolutely no objections to appropriate developments that add to this village’s appeal but we are at a tipping point here on such over massed permitted developments such as Pinewood and others currently being proposed.

 Thank you for your time in reading this and look forward to hearing from someone on this issue.

Yours sincerely 

 N&J PICKLES Residents  

18 February..........note response from Cornwall Council

Subject: Alleged breach of planning control - EN12/00293

Dear Sir/Madam

Installation of crash barriers

Pinewood Flats Dunders Hill Polzeath Wadebridge Cornwall

I write further to your recent enquiry concerning the above matter.

The matter has been formally registered in accordance with the Council’s prioritisation scheme and the Council will endeavour to visit the site within 10 working days. Once this visit has been carried out and further information obtained, the Council will be in a position to determine the appropriate course of action.

Should you wish to discuss the matter at any time, please contact the Officer whose details are shown below quoting the reference number given above.

Yours faithfully

L Puddy

Enforcement Officer

Planning and Regeneration Service

Tel: 01208 265608