Old Post Polzeath Voice

This group was created in 2011 to represent the views of all local residents and homeowners and any interested parties


Dear Neighbours,

Some residents of Polzeath have started a community group to protect our village from inappropriate developments and other issues that have a negative impact on the locality. There is also a need for us to develop a future planning strategy.  

Although many new homes have been built on a scale and in a style that is in sympathy with the existing buildings, there unfortunately have been several recent examples of modest homes being demolished and replaced with buildings excessive both in their scale and design.  There are also other, non-planning, issues that need addressing in the village, such as problems with parking, and protection of our beautiful natural surroundings.

We feel that we as a community need to join forces to protect our village, both in its built and its natural environment.  For years this has been a charming, gently proportioned village, with homes of broadly similar size and style for families and families on holiday, no building over-large used for multiple occupancy, or obtrusively impacting on the village scene.  It is a place cherished by residents and visitors alike.

Now we are witnessing the destruction of our green spaces by ‘edge to edge’ development: buildings stretching right to their boundary lines, gardens vanishing under concrete, a gradual urbanization of the village. Some of these new buildings are holiday homes, though Polzeath has little need for more holiday houses:  our greatest need is for affordable homes for the people who work here but cannot afford to live here, and employment for the youngsters of the community.

Our plan is to have a communication loop or network of Polzeath people, residents and friends, called Polzeath Voice.  It will have two channels:  an email loop for everyone who communicates online, and a mail drop loop for those who prefer to write letters.  For the email loop, we have an email address:  polzeathvoice@aol.com; and for the mail drop, please see details overleaf.  Polzeath Voice is intended to be a two-way communication loop:  you tell us about things that concern you, too, and we can spread the info and, where appropriate, respond as a community.

If you would like to be in the Polzeath Voice loop, please write to us with your address and phone number, and your email address, and we will keep you up-to-date with current local issues that threaten to have an adverse impact on our village and that need a community response. If you feel that you can help in any other way with this process, please let us know.  We ask for your phone numbers in the rare case of urgent information, such as site meetings called by the Planning Department with very little warning.

Lone individual voices together might become a big voice.  Join your voice to ours!

With good wishes from the Polzeath Voice team:

Abby Crosby, Jane Forster, Diana Millington, Nick Pickles, Guy Shaw-Stewart, David Short.

contact us on polzeathvoice@aol.com